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[Internship] Internship Opportunity at KidoCode Sdn. Bhd.
Tue, 21 Mar 2017
KidoCode is a kids' computer training company focusing on Python programming language, mobile app development, web development, electronics, game development, and more, and we are interested to add energetic and positive interns to our team.
Our mission is to produce more knowledge workers for the future by providing online adaptive education systems and build educational applications and gadgets for kids & teens.
We would like to extend this opportunity to your Bachelor students who are interested in exploring a work environment filled with passionate and energetic team members. It is our goal to give useful experiences that are relevant to their field of studies and make it beneficial to the development of their careers after graduation.
For this to happen, we would like to request if it is possible to have our posters and buntings be displayed in your campus and be posted on your online portal/social media accounts (if applicable) to invite the students to join our Internship Program. I hope you can direct us on the procedure and documents we will need to submit to make this happen.
We are confident that we are offering a golden opportunity for those who want to grow and shine at a world class level in a nice, supportive, and healthy environment flavoured with science and mathematics.
Attached herewith is an image of our poster for your perusal. We are hoping to hear your favourable response soon.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Nor Hasyimah Ismail
Office Administration
KidoCode Sdn. Bhd.
+60 3 6411 0968

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