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[Contest] Software Hackathon, the New Career Fair for Programming Jobs
Sun, 26 Mar 2017

DreamCatcher is now rolling out a series of contests that helps bring the best out from our young talents. The upcoming event is the SOFTWARE HACKATHON titled HACK2HIRED, targeting final year students and fresh graduates who are looking for high-paying programming jobs.

150 fresh programmers will be gathered for a fun filled yet exciting contest to showcase their programming skills. Industry mentors will be there to coach and guide participants towards completing their software solutions they will build together in teams.

So... what has this got to do with jobs? Traditional way of graduates seeking job is they try hard to please employers with your CV and wait to be called for interview. In many occasions, they are left disappointed for not even having a chance to be interviewed. Even in interviews, some may not have a good way to demonstrate their skills.

Multiple Hiring Managers are brought to one location. The participants code to impress employers and interact with industry mentors during the "hackathon" - a much better way to showcase their talent. Hiring Managers are there to spot the talents they want.

> Registration deadline is 7 April.

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50% discount promo code: HACK2HIRED-MMU

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