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[Phase-Out Subject] Attention to Students from intake 2013/14 and earlier
Wed, 29 Mar 2017

Important Message from Dean Office:

For students who haven't passed the phased out subjects listed below then they are compulsory to register those subjects now.
Otherwise they have to wait for 1 year for the subjects to be offered again in next short trimester, academic session 2017/18.

TCE1111 Digital System
TMT1181 Mathematic Technique 2
TEM1116 Probability & Statistics
TPS2491 Physical Security
TCP1231 Computer Programing 1
TCS3191 Client & Server
TCL2501 Cyber Law E-commerce
TSM2691 Network System & Multimedia

The phased out subjects only affect student's from intake 2013/14 and earlier. Kindly refer to your own programme structure.


Dean Office

- mawar -