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[Peer Tutor] FIST’s Peer Tutor Programme Trimester 3, 2016-2017
Thu, 30 Mar 2017

Dear Students of FIST,

The SAAC (Student Affair & Alumni Committee) of FIST will be organizing the Peer Tutor programme for Trimester 3, 2016-2017 which will start from week 5 or week 6 of the current Trimester 3, 2016-2017. Students who volunteer for the programme as Peer Tutors and carry out 2 remedial classes of 2 hours each (over 2 weeks), will each receive a book voucher and a certificate of appreciation from the Dean of FIST. In addition, SAP points will be given to these student volunteers as well. To qualify as a Peer Tutor for a subject on offer, the student must have taken the subject previously and have obtained a grade A or above for the subject. The subjects for both Foundation and Undergraduate levels that have been proposed to be offered in the FIST Peer Tutor programme for Trimester 3, 2016-2017 are as provided below:

FIST Foundation Level
(1) PAM 0135 – Algebra

FIST Undergraduate Level
(1) TTP 3121 – TCP/IP Programming
(2) TAC 3121 – Applied Cryptography
(3) TMT 1181 – Mathematic Techniques II
(4) TEM 1116 – Probability and Statistics
(5) TDS 2111 – Data Structures and Algorithms

To enquire about the programme or to register as a FIST Peer Tutor,
please see/call Mr. Leonard Yew (Office room number: MNBR0005;
Office telephone number: 06-252 3719)
the latest by 21 April 2017 (Week 3 Friday, by 4.00 pm). Selection of Peer
Tutors for each subject on offer for the Peer
Tutor programme will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Thank you.


Leonard Yew

- mawar -