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[Job] Digital Forensic Analyst (Junior)
Wed, 22 Nov 2017
Job scopes:-
- Perform forensic acquisition of digital media
- Performing Acquired image processing using forensic tools
- Performing seizing of media
- Performing record mgmt
- Social networking analysis
- Cloud acquisition
- Email review
- Audio video forensic
- Mobile forensic
- Fact finding and evidence review
- Other forensic analysis and system told update

Must know:-
- Good fundamental of Operating Systems (All Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac)
- Basic fundamental Of Internet, Email, Phones Knowledge of Cyber security, Threats and how all protocols works
- Must be honest, ethical and keep matters confidential
- Must be able to learn and work extra hours

*Having own vehicle will be an advantage

Interested candidates, please send your resume to:

- syooi -