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Foundation to Degree (FTD) Application for April 2018 Intake
Wed, 06 Dec 2017
Dear Foundation Students,

Please be informed that the Foundation to Degree (FTD) application for April 2018 intake session is now open until 14 January 2018. Foundation in IT and Foundation in Life Sciences students from April 2017 intake or earlier are compulsory to submit your applications via Camsys. Besides the FTD application, it is also COMPULSORY for you to do the graduation/completion of studies application. Please go to CaMSys > Self Service > Degree Progress/Graduation > Apply for Graduation. Attached are the step by step guideline for you to do the applications.

Kindly take note that your status will not be changed to degree/completed unless you have done both applications.

Thank you.


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- mawar -