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[Competition] F-Secure Inter-Varsity Cyber Security Competition Malaysia 2018
Mon, 05 Mar 2018

This serves as an announcement for the upcoming 2018 edition of the annual F-Secure Cyber Security Competition. You may find general information regarding the competition below.

In this year's competition, each university/colleges/polytechnic has the opportunity to register as many teams as desired. However, each team must have 3 members, with a team name and a team leader.

Team registration can be done via:

Registration starts at 10.00am, Monday, 12th March 2018.
Registration will be closed at 03:00pm on Friday, 23rd March 2018.


The following rules are to be applied to all competitions, promotions, games, votes, offers, or other similar commercial offerings (referred to herein as 'competition') conducted by or on behalf of F-Secure until further notice or until amended.

These rules take effect in each competition unless any specific instruction in a competition (hereafter called the 'competition instructions') provides otherwise, in which case the competition instructions shall take precedence.

By entering the competition, entrants hereby agree to be bound by these rules as amended from time to time, and by any competition instructions.

It is the responsibility of entrants to keep themselves informed of any updates made to these rules, and they acknowledge that any failure to comply with these rules could lead to their disqualification without being given any reason or opportunity for challenge.




1.       Registration for the competition will be closed on Friday 23rd March 2018, at 03:00pm. Late entries WILL NOT be accepted.

2.       Shortlisted teams will compete in the Semifinal round, which will held on the same day as the Grand Final round.

3.       The Grand Final round will be held on Wednesday 25thApril 2018, at 9:00am in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

The Team

1.       The competition is free of charge. No fee is required for entry.

2.       The competition is open to all universities/colleges/polytechnics in Malaysia.

3.       The university/college/polytechnic may designate a faculty member(s) as a liaison between F-Secure and the university’s/college’s/polytechnic’s teams.

4.       There are no limitations on the number of teams each university/college/polytechnic can register. However, it will be up to the institute on how they select the teams.

5.       Each team MUST have 3 members. Each member must be an active, full-time undergraduate student, and are enrolled in any undergraduate program at the university/college/polytechnic.

6.       The competition is open to students of any nationality aged 18 or over. Entrants should, if under 18, obtain permission in advance from their parent or guardian and be able to demonstrate the proof to the Judges' satisfaction.

7.       Employees of F-Secure, the event promoters, individuals connected with any company involved in the competition, and members of the immediate family of the above people are not eligible to participate.

8.       All entries must be legible and must be clearly marked with the entrant's name, student ID, and email address as requested. Any illegible, mutilated, altered, corrupted, or multiple entry will be disqualified.

 The Selection and Test

1.      The competition has 3 round: Qualifying, Semifinal, and Grand Final. There are 2 levels in Qualifying Round, which are known as
(i) Qualifying Level  1, and
(ii) Qualifying Level  2

2.       The qualifying tests follow this format:
a. Multiple choice, fill in the blanks and/or essay questions.
b. Binary debugging, script de-obfuscation and programming.

3.       All the teams from a university campus have only 1 scheduled date slot. The teams and lecturer-in charge will receive a notification email about their allotted schedule.

4.       Qualifying Level 1 will be held from 4th - 6th April 2018 (Wednesday to Friday). The teams are allotted only 1 hour to complete the round. The test will start at exactly 7.00pm, with a grace period of 15minutes (7.00pm - 7.15pm). 

The results of Qualifying Level  1 will be announced by Monday, 9th April 2018, 6.00pm. The shortlisted teams will be notified via email to prepare for the next level, Qualifying Level  2.

5.       Qualifying Level  2 will be held from 11th - 13th April 2018 (Wednesday to Friday).The teams are allotted only 1 hour to complete the round. Similarly, the test will start at exactly 7.00pm, with a grace period of 15minutes (7.00pm - 7.15pm). 

The results of Qualifying Level  2 will be announced by Monday, 16th April 2018, 6.00pm. The shortlisted teams will be notified via an email to prepare for the Semifinal Round.



The Topics

The 2018 F-Secure Cyber Security Competition highlights the need for developing and nurturing the next generation talents, and the best way to realize that goal is through the local universities and colleges. For this year's competition, we would like to cultivate interest in cyber security among the youth by making the topic approachable and interesting.

Below are the topics that participants will come across during the course of the competition:

1.      Reverse Engineering/Analytical Thinking (Skills)

x8086 Assembly language programming and programming in general

Binary debugging, encryption, and script de-obfuscation

2.      General Cyber Security (Knowledge)

News and current events related to cyber threats, security, and targeted attacks

Malware and Incident Response - types, behavior, removal

Network analysis – tools, packet captures,

Forensics - tools, handling process, command line tools, system analysis, log analysis








Qualifying Level 1

4th - 6th April 2018 (Wed - Fri)


9th April 2018 (Mon, 6pm)


Qualifying Level 2

11th - 13th April 2018 (Wed - Fri)


16th April 2018 (Mon, 6pm)


Semi Final

25th April 2018 (Wed)


25th April 2018

Bangsar South

Grand Final

25th April 2018 (Wed)


25th April 2018

Bangsar South


1.       The Semifinal and Grand Final rounds may require the use of computers which will be provided during the event in order to solve a security-related puzzle, a programming challenge or any other challenge-based questions related to computer security. Submission of answers will be determined by F-Secure in a manner most appropriate for the event.


2.       When necessary, the Judges reserve the right to require that entrants take part in an eliminating contest (or 'tie breaker') in order to determine the outright winner or winners in a competition. If for any reason there are more winners than prizes, a situation which may come as a result of an unforeseen event or as part of the competition structure, the Judges reserve the right to conduct a draw to determine the winner or winners of the prizes.


3.       There will be no cash or other alternative equivalent to the prize offered. Prizes are not transferable.


4.       The Judges’ decision is final. Any appeals will not be entertained.


5.       F-Secure reserves the right to publish the names of the winners and runners-up, and the winning entries themselves. All winners are required to give full co-operation to all requests made by F-Secure in connection with the publicity for the competition, their entries, the prizes or otherwise.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Are we only able to take the Qualifying round on the date we are assigned?
A: Yes, the system will not allow the team to take the Qualifying Round(s) on other dates besides the date assigned to the teams from each institute.

Q: What will happen if we missed the scheduled date slot for our team?
A: The team will not be allowed to take the Qualifying round and the succeeding rounds.

Q:  Will there be a confirmation email after the registration so that we have a record of the details we provided to F-Secure?
A: Yes, there will be a confirmation email sent out as soon as the registration is completed.


Q: Is there a maximum number of teams per university campus that can join?

A: No. Since the Qualifying round will be done online, we removed the limitation on the number of teams that can join the competition.



If you have any other inquiries, please contact Ooi Shih Yin (

- syooi -