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Appeal Subject Application for T1 2018/2019
Sat, 31 Mar 2018
Dear Students,

You may now apply for appeal subject to be offered in T1 2018/2019.

The due date to submit the application form and complete supporting documents to FIST admin office is on 19 April 2018 (Thursday) @ 4:30pm. Late submission and incomplete documents will NOT be entertained or processed.

If the appeal subject (academic subject) is approved, the faculty will perform auto registration for the students (who appeal for the subject) in the next trimester in which the student is not allowed to take LOA or industrial training.

The result for the appeal subjects will be announced in mid of T3 2017/18. The decision is final and no further appeal will be allowed.

Note that, the appeal application is strictly for final year and final trimester students, and also for phased-out subjects. The subject offering depends on the availability of the teaching staffs.


Faculty Office

Subjects offer for T1 2018/2019 (degree & foundation)
List of phase-out subjects with equivalency

List of phase-out subjects without equivalency

# Appeal subject application form
*Kindly contact FIST office for the form.

Thank you.

- mawar -