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[Academic] FIST-FYP Submission Dateline
Mon, 08 Aug 2011

Dear all FYP students,

FYP Submission Dateline: 22 Aug 2011, before 4:30pm

The FYP T1 2011/12 Phase (1/2) students have to submit the following to FIST admin office:

1. TWO (2) comb-bound soft cover Interim Reports (for FYP 1) or Final Reports (for FYP 2) (Light Blue colour (Refer FYP Guideline Appendix I)).

2. TWO (2) CD or DVD that contain the softcopy of project report, documents, codes, installation files, required software, references, etc. The CD or DVD MUST be properly attached to last page of the report. (Refer FYP Guideline Appendix K).

3. At least SIX (6) of FYP Meeting Log sheets (FYP Guideline Appendix A) attached with the report. One report with ALL ORIGINAL meeting log sheets, another report with photocopies of the meeting log sheets. The FYP Meeting Log sheets must be signed and stamped by supervisor.

4. The checklist for FYP interim/ final report submission (FYP Guideline Appendix B).

Important note

FIVE raw marks will be automatically deducted from student report for late submission (each day). Therefore, students have to ensure that they submit their FYP report on time. Student who does not submit the report for more than 5 days (including non-working days) after the submission due date may result in automatic failures.

Kindly refer to FYP Guideline for more information about the format and content.

Thank you.

- cylow -