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Name:Dr. Tee Connie
Position:Senior Lecturer
Recreational Interests:Reading, traveling, and yoga practice
Quote:A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.
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Name:Dr. Tee Connie
Qualifications:PhD (IT)
Awards/Major Appointments:• Programme Coordinator for B. IT (Honours) Artificial Intelligence
• Project Leader for FRGS project “Gait-based Age Estimation from Video Sequences on the Grassmann Manifold”
• Accredited Trainer with Human Resource Development Fund Malaysia
Research Interests:Biometrics, computer vision, and pattern recognition
Research Projects:Gait recognition (current active project)
Publications:Journals Published: 22
Conference papers: 27
Book chapters: 1
Patent: 1
Copyright: 3
Postgraduate students supervision (on-going and completed): 5