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Name:Dr. Tan Syh Yuan
Position:Senior Lecturer
Recreational Interests:Tai Ji, Martial Arts
Quote:Education is what remains after one has forgotten what has learned in school.
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Name:Dr. Tan Syh Yuan
Qualifications:M.Sc.(I.T.), PhD (Engineering)
Awards/Major Appointments:
Research Interests:Cryptography, Security Protocol, Information Security
Research Projects:
Publications:1) J.-J. Chin, S.-Y. Tan, S.-H. Heng, R.C.W. Phan, R. Behnia. A provable secure pairing-free certificateless identification scheme, International Journal of Computer Mathematics 92 (8), pp. 1520-1535. Taylor & Francis.
2) S.-Y. Tan, W.-S. Yap. Cryptanalysis of a CP-ABE scheme with policy in normal forms, Information Processing Letters, DOI: 10.1016/j.ipl.2016.02.006. Elsevier.
3) S.-Y. Tan, C.-S. Wong, H.-H. Ng. An Optimized Pairing-Based Cryptography Library
for Android. International Journal of Cryptology Research, 6(1), pp. 16-30, 2016.
4) R. Behnia, S.-Y. Tan, S.-H. Heng . On the Security of Two Pairing-Based Signature Schemes. ICITCS 2015, IEEEXplore, pp. 1-4.
5) S.-Y. Tan, J.-J. Chin, G.-S. Poh, Y. H.-S. Kam, W.-C. Yau. A Client-Server Prototype of a Symmetric Key Searchable Encryption Scheme Using Open-Source Applications. ICITCS 2015, IEEEXplore, pp. 1-5.
6) J.-J. Chin, H. Anada, S.-Y. Tan. Reset-Secure Identity-Based Identification Schemes Without Pairings. Provable Security 2015, LNCS 9451, pp. 227-246.
7) S.-Y. Tan, C.-S. Wong, H.-H. Ng. mPBC: An Efficient Pairing-Based Cryptography Library for Android. Cryptology2016, Vol. 5, pp. 175-183, Malaysia Society for Cryptology Research, 2016.
8) S.-Y. Tan. Comment on "Secure Data Access Control With Ciphertext Update and Computation Outsourcing in Fog Computing for Internet of Things", IEEE Access, Vol. 6, 2018. IEEEXplore, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2827698. Scopus Q1, WoS Q1.