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Name:Dr. Wee Kuok Kwee
Position:Senior Lecturer
Office:ITAR 1007
Telephone:06 252 3961
Fax:06 231 8840
Recreational Interests:Badminton, Reading
Email and Homepage:

Name:Dr. Wee Kuok Kwee
Qualifications:PhD (Engineering)
Master of Science (Computer Network)
Bachelor of Computer Science. (Hons)
Awards/Major Appointments:Awards
1. Gold Medalist for ITEX 2014
2. Silver Medalist for ITEX 2014
3. Silver Medalist for ITEX 2013
4. Silver Medalist for PECIPTA 2013
5. Excellent Oral Presentation Award (IACSIT) 2013
Research Interests:QoS, bandwidth Management, Broadband Wireless Access, High Speed Network, Mobile Wireless, Mobile computing, RFID, LTE, 4G, 5G, next generation networks, VOIP, Media Streaming
Research Projects:On-Going
1. Smart Phone Home Phone
2. Enhanced Algorithmic Quality of Service Framework for Real-time Applications in Long Term Evolution Wireless Technologies
3. Watermark Technique in 2d Quick Response Bar Code
4. Secured Face Verification via Locality Preserving Embedding
5. Nonlinear Feature Analysis for Face Recognition

1. NPCET technology for innovative antenna, base station and acquisition of acess router technology (2008 -2010)
2. QoS Provisioning in Broadband Wireless Access (2012)
3. A Method for Migrating Fuzzy Cognitive Map to Bayesian Belief Network (2012)