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General Computing Lab Info Lab Rules

General Rules

  1. All students must observe the MMU Dress Code while in the laboratory.
  2. Sandals or open-toed shoes are NOT allowed.
  3. Foods, drinks and smoking are NOT allowed.
  4. All bags must be left at the indicated place.
  5. The lab timetable must be strictly followed. Prior permission from the Lab Supervisor must be obtained if any change is to be made.
  6. Be PUNCTUAL for your laboratory session.
  7. Lab Sessions must be completed within the given time.
  8. Respect the laboratory and its other users. Noise must be kept to a minimum.
  9. Workspace must be kept clean and tidy at all time.
  10. Handle all apparatus with care.
  11. All students are liable for any damage to equipment due to their own negligence.
  12. All equipment, apparatus and chairs must be RETURNED to their original place after use.
  13. Students are strictly PROHIBITED from taking out any items from the laboratory without permission from the Lab Supervisor.
  14. Students are NOT allowed to work alone in the laboratory.
  15. Please consult the Lab Supervisor if you are not sure how to operate the laboratory equipment.
  16. Report immediately to the Lab Supervisor if any injury occurred.
  17. Report immediately to the Lab Supervisor any damages to equipment, hazards, and potential hazards.
  18. Please refer to the Lab Supervisor should there be any concerns regarding the laboratory.
  19. Please check the laboratory notice board regularly for any updates and announcements.


Computer Rules

  1. Booting-up computers from USB drive is strictly PROHIBITED.
  2. Students should never interfere the original computer configuration or setup: BIOS setup, Windows Operating
  3. System setup, Files and Directory created, etc.
  4. Students are NOT ALLOWED to install Software or Hardware inside computers in the laboratory.
  5. Unauthorized copying of software, or using illegally copied software is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  6. Respect the privacy of others by refraining from accessing their files or electronic mails.
  7. Students must promptly relinquish from their work for scheduled classes or upon requested by Laboratory Supervisor.
  8. Computer games are strictly FORBIDDEN in the laboratory.
  9. DO NOT show, view, copy, download or scan pornographic materials in any form.