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Undergraduate Programmes Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics Data Communications & Networking
I.T. Management Security Technology

Medical I.T.

Programme Coordinator: Dr. Tee Connie Tel: 06-252 3592
Mr. Lim Kian MingTel: 06-252 3066
Industrial Advisor: Dr. Dickson Lukose (Chief Research Director, Mimos Bhd.)
Study Duration: 3 years (Full Time)
Intake: March/June/October
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As computer systems increase their complexity and sophistication, the demand for intelligent advanced applications also increases in proportion. It is now a common practice and expectation to incorporate intelligent capabilities in the design of any computer application, from web-based intelligent search engines to stand-alone intelligent applications.

The objective of this course is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to be successful in building the much needed intelligent computer systems. Based on the solid foundations of Computer Science and Information Technology, the three-year degree programme covers the traditional grounds of artificial intelligence, such as fundamental in artificial intelligence and computational intelligence, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision. It then extends to advanced topics, such as Agent Technology, Pattern Recognition, etc..

Potential Career Prospects: Computer Scientist, Knowledge Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, and Programmer.

Programme Outcomes

Apply soft skills in work and career related activities
PO2 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts, principles and best practices
PO3 Analyse the requirements to address problems or opportunities in relevant domains or organisations
PO4 Recognise and pursue continued life-long learning throughout their career
PO5 Blend innovative mind and entrepreneurial skills
PO6 Relate moral and ethical values to the practice of a professional
PO7 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to artificial intelligence
PO8 Apply principles and knowledge of artificial intelligence in relevant areas
PO9 Demonstrate the ability in analysing, modelling, designing, developing and evaluating computing solutions

Programme Structures

Academic Session June October/November March/April
2008/2009 Programme Structure
- -
Requirement For Registration
2009/2010 Programme Structure - - -
Requirement For Registration -
2010/2011 Programme Structure
Requirement For Registration
2011/2012 Programme Structure
Requirement For Registration
Programme Structure
Requirement For Registration
2013/2014 Programme Structure
Requirement For Registration
Programme Structure
Programme Structure
Programme Structure
Programme Structure

Listing of Subjects:

Listing of Subjects (2014/2015 onwards):

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