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Undergraduate Programmes Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics Data Communications & Networking
I.T. Management Security Technology

Medical I.T.

The programmes offered by the faculty specialise in niche areas which are in demand by the industries, and are geared to propel graduates to move forward in tandem with the nation's ICT aspirations. In this respect, the faculty offers various programmes specialise in specific themes. All the programmes have been carefully designed to prepare graduates to meet the rigorous demands of the national and international job market. In addition to learning environments which focus on creativity and thinking out-of-the-box, students also experience hands-on training in the industries. Graduates from FIST not only work with local and multinational companies, but also as successful entrepreneurs.

There are 5 different majors currently being offered in FIST:

Data Communications and Networking
Security Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Information Technology Management
Medical Information Technology (Phased out since 2009)

While the five different majors prepare students to specialise in a distinct area in information technology, they share some similar components and subjects across the platform, which runs in parallel in the course structure. The similarities account for approximately 75% of the subjects.

It should be noted that while we hope students will ultimately move their career paths towards the majors they have chosen in their undergraduate studies, it does not necessarily mean that they are only confined within those specialisation. For example, a student studying Data Communication and Networking need not necessarily be a network engineer or communication specialist. He or she could embark on a career as a system analyst or e-commerce venture capitalist. The ability to do so is the uniqueness of the courses, which have been planned to allow students to study similar foundation courses across the board while presenting them with some specific knowledge in a more focused area of study.

Undergraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Multimedia University, are the best choice of students because

  • The programmes have been carefully designed to prepare graduates to meet the rigorous demands of the job market, especially in high demand specialty areas.
  • We have close ties to industry, including three months of work experience training as well as professional courses offered in house.
  • The programmes are supported by relevant research activities. We have the largest number of computer science related publications and citations in Malaysia based on both Scopus and Web of Science.*
  • All programmes have full accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

* Bakri, A., & Willett, P. (2011). Computer science research in Malaysia: A bibliometric analysis. Aslib Proceedings: New Information Perspectives, 63(23), 321335.

Please take note that with effect from Trimester 2, 2009/2010 until Trimester 3, 2011/2012, all CORE, MAJOR and MQA subjects for all undergraduate programmes offered by FIST shall require a grade C to graduate EXCEPT for the following subjects which require only a Grade D to graduate:-
  1. Technical Communication (or Workplace Communication for June 2010/2011 intake onwards)
  2. Co-curriculum
  3. Introduction to Cyberpreneurship (or Contemporary Management & Entrepreneurship for June 2010/2011 intake onwards)
  4. Basic Economics, Accounting and Management (or Contemporary Management & Entrepreneurship for June 2010/2011 intake onwards)
  5. Elective subject(s)