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Foundation in Life Sciences Foundation in Information Technology

Programme Coordinator: Mdm. Ho Sew Tiep Tel: 06-252 3216
Mdm. Radziah bt. Shaikh Abdullah Tel: 06-252 3216
Industrial Advisor: -
Study Duration: 1 year (Full Time)
Intake: March/June/October
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The term ‘Life Sciences' brings to mind numerous fields of science which involve the scientific study of all living organisms on earth, anything from a tiny bacteria to us human beings. Indeed, such is the remarkable scope of the ‘Life Sciences' and the constant sense of awe-inspiring wonder it invokes among students is a testament of the special role it plays in our lives. The relevance of these numerous fields of science lies in the fact that they have wide, useful and practical applications in healthcare studies, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceutical studies and even the food industry. The ‘Life Sciences' plays an important role in the 21st century and as of today, it has greatly improved our understanding of the natural world and allowed us to harness this understanding for the benefit of humankind.

The Foundation in Life Sciences programme in FIST is a one year pre-university programme delivered through engaging lectures and designed to guide students to actively seek knowledge. In this programme, lectures are supplemented with laboratory work to help students develop their practical skills, working confidence and ability to work effectively in a group. The subjects covered in this programme include Biology I (Cell & Function), Biology II (Cellular Reproduction & Genetics), General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Programming, Computer Applications, Maths (Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus & Statistics), Communicative English, Essential English, Academic English and Business Management. Collectively, these subjects provide a holistic, inspiring and balanced educational experience which equips students with a solid foundation for higher levels of learning and nurture their potential for future academic excellence at the tertiary level.

The Foundation in Life Sciences programme in FIST is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and mindset to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Bioinformatics in FIST. Bioinformatics is a specialized science programme that combines both studies in biology and information technology. What makes Bioinformatics truly unique is that it involves the use of computational tools and methods to process complex and vital biological data such as DNA and proteins. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science and students who love both the sciences and information technology will find this field of science a truly rewarding and meaningful experience.

Programme Outcomes

To acquire basic knowledge of life science and fundamental principles of computing for life science students
PO2 To apply basic techniques, skills and modern IT tools, through class activities and project work
PO3 To acquire social skills and create awareness of social responsibilities
PO4 To demonstrate moral and professional ethics and responsibilities
PO5 To communicate effectively and work independently, and as member/leader of a team in various context
PO6 To acquire analytical and problem-solving skills
PO7 To acquire lifelong learning skills and information management skills
PO8 To acquire entrepreneurial skills

Programme Structures

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Academic Session June October March
2012/2013 Programme Structure
2013/2014Programme Structure
Programme Structure
Programme Structure
Programme Structure
Programme Structure

Listing of Subjects:

Listing of Subjects (2014/2015 onwards):

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